Client feedback

Hi Steve, I just wanted to get in touch to thank you for all your help and support during my time in counselling. I had no idea what to expect and was very nervous, but you soon put me at ease. You made me feel very comfortable and this allowed me to voice all the worries and stress that I had bottled up for a long time. You helped me to discover for myself what was causing all my stress and anxiety and how to deal with it in my own way. You did not judge me or try to tell me what I should do, but let me use you as a sounding board and then make my own decisions. I feel that I know myself better and am a more rounded and confident person since coming for counselling with you! Thank you again for everything. Best wishes

Dear Steve
I just wanted to say thank you for the help I've had from you in my counselling sessions. The understanding and empathy you have shown to me through my difficut times have made an enormous difference. You have a way of seeming to understand what I have been feeling and I felt very relaxed in your company and able to tell you my innermost thoughts without judgement. Thank you.

Dear Steve
I thought I would drop you a line of thanks as my life has moved into a different phase. I am now comfortable with being happy for the first time in a long time. Our counselling sessions are largely responsible for making me more open to happiness.
We both know I will never fully recover from the tragic blow dealt to me but I am finding ways of living with it. I hope all is well with you. Please feel free to share this message for others to read if it will serve any useful purpose.
Best Wishes

When I began working with a counsellor I realised very quickly, that the majority of my problems stemmed from a deep rooted lack of self-esteem, and this was causing self destructive behaviour, including alcohol and substance abuse.
Understanding this enabled me to begin to challenge my own behaviour and thought patterns and to realise that I do have worth.
This is a long and at times painful process, but one ultimately leading to a fuller life, and a life lived less fearfully.

Hi Steve,
I had an idea of what a counsellor would be like and you were definetly not it!
Thank you for being yourself and helping me find and accept who I am.

Hi Steve,
Because of my issues I thought that working with a male counsellor would be hard, I am so glad I decided to have an introductory session. I immediately knew that this was right. You have helped me more than I can say. I feel i know who I am and that I can now trust which is so amazing.
Thank you Steve

Hi Steve,
I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say thanks for all the help so far. Our sessions are so useful. So far they have helped me realize what I've needed to realize and have been thinking about for a long time. It was time to face up to it too. Knowing what I know now from our sessions, it's all a great realization. Thank you for your help Steve

Steve thanks for all your exeptional support through the difficult times. Keep doing things your way. It works.

Steve is down to earth and easy to talk to/deal with. I would recommend Steve to anyone in need of Counselling or other therapy no matter what your issues. Value for money, flexible and genuine concern/care for his clients without being touchy feely
Kevin Richardson

Steve I want to thank you for helping me face and come to terms with some painfull past issues and and start living so much more at peace in the present. Your warmth and sense of humour will always stay with me, thank you so much

Hi Steve, just wanted to let you know that your encouragement and support has helped me a great deal to overcome my anxiety and stress levels . Through your understanding and selflessness I have become more confident and can face issues which I wouldn't have dealt with years ago. Thanks for your winning smile and your caring attitude you have certainly helped make me a much stronger and happier person.

I had never had counselling and was very sceptical but the sessions have helped me enormously. Thanks,

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